Winning combination for family

Brothers John and James Chippendale have won local business awards this year with their winning formula. Over the last 15 years they have built up a business that has serviced hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the Calderdale region. Whilst working together they have gained a reputation of being able to create beautiful pieces of hand-crafted … Read more

Mrs Wainwright – Kitchen

Mr and Mrs Wainwright wanted a new kitchen, and loved the thought of having something that was made from real wood, rather than a modern manufactured one.  I took along some ideas of layouts and styles so that I could help them to plan out their new dream kitchen,  and make the most of the … Read more

Mrs Mitchell – Loft Conversion

Mrs Mitchell wanted more space in her home. With a growing family and on a budget, she loved where she was living, they just needed more space. I took along some examples of loft conversion work that I’d done in the past and made some suggestions about to maximize the space without compromising on existing … Read more