How we clean

At Zebra we employ a thorough ten stage assessment and cleaning process to make sure your carpets are left spotlessly clean and mite free.

Step 1 - Quotation

Prior to starting any work, we will visit your home at your convenience, to assess the work which enables us to provide you with a quote. This is the only way we can offer you an accurate quote and it also gives you the opportunity to meet us. Our prices are all-inclusive and you will never be asked to pay for something you haven’t agreed.

Step 2 - Inspection

We carefully inspect and test the items to be cleaned to determine the type of fibre, degree of soiling and staining and colour fastness. This will determine the treatments and cleaning methods to be used.

Step 3 - Dry Vacuum

Using our heavy duty powerful vacuum, we remove as much dry soil as possible.

Step 4 - Pre-Spray

We spray the entire carpet with a treatment which helps loosen dirt.

Step 5 - Agitation

The pre-spray is agitated using an electrical agitator, which helps release stubborn dirt and stains.

Step 6 - Extraction

The dirt and grime is extracted using our powerful hot water extraction machine. The dirty water is removed directly into the recovery tank, which can be kept outside, ensuring that no mess is made of your home.

Step 7 - Stains

Any remaining stains are individually treated using an extensive range of specialist treatments.

Step 8 - Finishing

The carpet is sprayed with a solution which fixes the colours, neutralises and deodorises the carpet.

Step 9 - Grooming

The carpet pile is re-set to improve its appearance.

Step 10 - Protection

If required, we apply a stain protector to enable you to get to those awkward spills before they soak into your carpet!